Content warning for most of my stories, as many deal with trauma, mental health, abuse and violence.

Story appears in The Ex-Puritan. The Deal with Roger, is a story about what it means to be different and to escaping low expectations, self-doubt and an abusive humanoid.

Fleas on the Dog, a literary journal described as a “no frills brown bag in your face thumb your nose online psychotropolis for the literarily insane.” It is the only home for my weird (and violent) ‘what would you do?’ story about racism, The Exception to the Rule.

It was a great honour to have two flash pieces included in the final issue of antilang, a magazine of literary brevity.

Jonesy saw the first row of shiny silver leotards behind the float with the old people tap dancingRead more.

We sat under a pussy willow tree with the big box of chocolate chip cookies between us, the ones with the cross in the middle. Jesus Cookies. Read more.

My short story, Strife is about anxiety and how trauma is the stealth bomber of mental illness. It was published in Dreamers Creative Writing.

Another fantastic literary space for flash fiction is now archived. Happy my story, Yesterday’s Gone is still alive on Sledgehammer, a lovely UK lit mag.

There is no longer a live link to this piece. A Better Parent is an exploration of what it means to be a good parent when judgment is blurred.

This was a very personal story about how hard it is to love someone. Bruises Don’t Leave Scars appeared in Coastal Shelf in 2021.